0.3 Ideas Brainstorming Post

The 0.2 branch is looking good, so let’s talk 0.3. I recalled some ideas that were floating around since 0.1, but were never actualized:

  • Configuration scanner: verify configuration checklist ( provider file is present, ACM_WP_List_Table columns are properly defined, ad code args are set correctly, there’s at least one tag id, etc)
  • Ad Code Preview: This should be probably a row action which either pops an overlay with previews or displays them inline
  • Configuration builder: this one might be an overkill( aka punt candidate or fuggedaboutit), but it would be nice to have some tool that would generate configuration filters. Basic worklow would look like: user chooses one of existing ad providers, and modify some of default settings. For an average user, who downloaded plugin and who doesn’t know much about PHP coding, an ability to visually configure ย  stuff would come in handy.

What do you think on these points? Do you have any other ideas/solutions? I personally appreciate the idea of keeping things contained and not over-bloated, but users get confused over configuration. I mean, one have to define 5-10 filters to get things up and running. ย This could be a deal-breaker for some folks.