Trying to make it easier to understand how ACM could apply to various DFP (JS API) setups. I think I’ve wrapped my mind around a few ways to target things via DFP and I’m building up some sample scripts for each scenario. Is anything in this list crazy?

1) The ad unit in the header template will always be ‘header_728x90’ (*sitewide*) and all targeting will be done via orders created in DFP based on unit/time/etc.

2) The ad unit in the header template is more dynamic and could be called as ‘header_728x90’ or ‘header_alt_728x90’ or …, it is targeted via orders in DFP but needs to change depending on the view – home, category, single, etc…

3) The ad unit in the header will always be ‘header_728x90’ (*sitewide*), but key/value pairs will be targeted via orders in DFP that should be included with the ad call depending on the page view – home, category, single, etc….

4) Combo of 2 & 3

I’ve started a gist here – – that I’m building out some more.

One of the things that’s come up during this exploration is wondering how useful ACM is to somebody that is using scenario 1 above. Also, scenario 4 just scares me… 🙂